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We deliver more than just parts,
we overcome challenges.

DynoTech has been providing the performance industry with high-end motorsport decisions for over 10 years. From advice on a simple task for a club racer, through to research, development, design and manufacture, we can provide turn-key solutions for the most demanding race applications.


We live and breathe motorsports. Every single one of our business areas has evolved from these roots and developed over the years

We share your passion, your dream and the never ending pursuit of more speed and performance

We can help transform your car from the ordinary into the extraordinary

What now

In 2014 we have moved from our previous location in Lugansk. Now we have a new dyno facility in Moscow, equipped with the modern Dynojet 424xLC2 dyno and service bays. There we offer to our customers chip tuning, installation and tuning of motorsport electronics, including Engine Management, Power Distribution and Paddle Shift systems. Also we making there our top-grade wiring harnesses for autosport application.

What else?

EFI lab

We are planning to start an online store for all your performance needs. Because we have extensive experience of many engine management systems and wiring works as well as the development and verification of our own bespoke decisions on a race tracks - we would like to offer you EFIlaboratory.com - the one source shop of complete range of racing electronics, interconnect solutions and wiring harness components to aid you with building or maintaining your own wiring harnesses

We perform the highest quality calibration of aftermarket engine management systems, data acquisition, and power management devices.

We offer our services worldwide both at the track or at a workshop as well as remote calibration under specific circumstances. Please Contact us if you would like to discuss your project and your needs. From fast street cars to drag racing, road racing, drift or rally we have the background and knowledge to dial in your system to help you achieve your goals!


We are always ready to help you. You may drop us a line or send an email, choose what suits you the most.
25A Dneprovskaya Naberejnaya Str., Kiev, Ukraine 02081
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